EWA Family

Who we are? Company? Team? Band? Family?

We had many reasons never to meet.

And there was only one reason to stay. We wanted to create something that brings tangible benefits to people nearby. We feel a joy of what we do. We are proud to make complex things to be simple. Slow processes become instant. We are in love of creating value.

Yes, we craft value and bring it to people!


We are together for many years, because we are a family named Nexstep.

Meet the EWA crew

Andrey Taganskiy

Managing partner, Founder

Diana Skutelnik


Dmitriy Salashnik

CTO, co-founder

Dmitriy Litovchenko

Java developer

Eugenia Grach

Customer support & success

Slava Gunskiy

Project manager

Julia Babaeva

Java developer

Sasha Belovalov

Java developer

Nikolay Gutsal


Ksenia Kadanova

Customer support & success

Zlata Mikhova

Customer support & success

Natalia Zinovieva

Customer support & success

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