Steps for attaching an agent to a project

Insurance Marketplace #1

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Get advice from the EWA sales department and sign the application to join the public offer (subagent agreement)
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Add your own network of agents and sub-agents, if they are
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Get a login, set a password and log in to EWA
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Choose insurance companies and products and start selling !

If you have any questions, please contact - they will help you professionally and quickly!

Service for the sale of insurance policies

Insurance marketplace is a platform that allows you to sell any electronic insurance product of dozens of insurers without making stacks of agency agreements, everyday reporting, inspections, and so on.

You just get a login and password, and start selling!

Honest Conditions

All insurers themselves establish in marketplace the prices for their products and the size of agent commission.

Agent gets 100% of that commission.

We leave nothing to ourselves. Our services are paid by the insurer, by analogy with bank acquiring.


The commission falls into your wallet in a second after paying for the policy.

No more Papers & reports

Once agreed with our offer, you will get access to all products of most insurers.

Once a month, you will receive an e-mail with invoice, which you would sign with your Electronic signature and send back.

No more accountants. No more additional work!
We have canceled paperwork with insurers!

Ideal For Agent Networks

Managers of Agent networks  have eaten the dog on solving the problems of returning policies, accounting for payments, never-ending checks and reports, incorrectly completed policies. All these problems are canceled by Insurance marketplace!​

Just add an agent to your network in your personal office and start earning revenue. 

The agent can't make a mistake creating the policy. Everything is calculated automatically. All payments are under control with the help of a subagent's wallet.


Now, you could focus on attracting income only, the rest will make marketplace.

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